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Author Topic: [RP] World War Pokemon  (Read 1568 times)

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[RP] World War Pokemon
« on: September 12, 2011, 07:27:28 pm »
Thousands of years ago N succeeded in spiting the human world and Pokemon world. The effect was radical; it completely split the two worlds and all trace of the Pokemon world was erased, this is when modern history started. We went on as if they never existed, and we were right as far as we knew. One day an unknown person sent a letter to the White House demanding the President to surrender or the country would burn under the power of a force he had never seen. Of course the President thought it was a loon, but this time it was a genuine threat. Three days after blowing off the letter, San Francisco was attacked by creatures (Pokemon) they had never seen. Somehow this stranger had found a way to undo what N had done, and the Pokemon listened only to him. Soon after attacking San Francisco, his forces took the western coast and set up a defensive line. Little did they know he was setting up his army into segments and assigning people to control those segments. Soon he would move again and spark the entire world into a war to preserve their current way of life, World War Pokemon had begun...


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3: Don't be rude to other people.
That's it.

One offence will result in a warning, two will result in another warning and three will result in loss of you profile and loss of the ability to RP here. Have a nice day.

PM all profiles to me please.

Pokemon comander:
RP name:
What group do you over see?(Air, light, medium, heavy, and support):

Pokemon Warrior:
RP name:
What Pokemon are you?:

Human Soldier:
RP name:
Rank in the Military System:

Pokemon Warrior Classes.
Here are the classes and what their job is.

Air Force: Includes all Pokemon that can fly. Used for the initial attack, to soften the objective for the main attack. Smaller faster air born Pokemon are used for spy and kidnapping missions and ralely take place in main battles. Examples of attacking Air forces are: Salamence, Togekiss, and Flygon. Stealth Air Forces Inclued: Ninjask, Crobat, and Yanmega.

Light Infantry: Includes Sweepers. Pokemon that have high speed stats and high attacking stats, but low defensive stats. They go in last and clean up the area of any remaining forces, some time used for hit and run missions. Also used for sabotage missions. Examples are: Lucario, Weavile, and Alakazam.

Medium Infantry: Includes Sweepers that have more bulk then standard sweeper. They are the brunt of the attack for the Opposition to bear. They are usually helped out by support class Pokemon. They Include Pokemon like: Galade, Scrafty, Machamp.

Heavy Infantry: Includes Pokemon that tend to have more bulk then attacking power. They act as walls and help break down any fortification that Opposition has set up. They are the Second to go into a new area, after the Air force. Examples are Steelix, Skaramory(also in the air force I will explain more as I am asked.), and Umbreon.

Support Pokemon: They are exactly what they sound like. They are used to support the attacking Pokemon by increasing their stats or healing them. They never go directly into battle, but are the most important unit in any division. Examples are: Blissy, Speargle, and Espeon.

Legendary Class. These Pokemon are controlled by the leader himself, they only come out when a battle has lasted to long and is putting his plan into danger. They include all legendary Pokemon.

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