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Author - Rules & Guidelines  (Read 11318 times)

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Rules & Guidelines
« September 21, 2009, 09:24:51 PM »
The forum rules and guidelines have been revamped and you will need to follow them from now on! New rules have been added and others might have been removed!

  • Should be between 3 and 20 character.
  • Should not contain any weird symbols.
  • Should not be offensive or racist.
  • Should not be about something illegal.

  • Can be an image of 600x200 pixels (Width x Height).
  • Can include a link to your own blog.
  • Can contain two lines of text under the image. (600x200 + 2 lines)
  • Should not be offensive towards anyone.
  • Should not contain illegalities, like child porn.
  • Should not be a referral link to another site.
  • Should not contain large quotes or bunches of text.

These are the things you are allowed to do on the Pokemon Universe Forums.
  • Write in proper English, so that people may understand you. No other languages, including teenspeak/chatspeak, are permitted.
  • Stay on topic in the thread.
  • Be nice to the members and staff at the forums and the staff of Pokemon Universe.
  • Ask the moderators if you are in doubt of which forum to post in.
  • Listen to the Administrators and Moderators.
  • Use the search function before making a new topic.
  • Follow specific rules for specific forums as some of them got a sticky with their own set of special rules.
  • Post in the "Site Support" forum if you need support or if you want something changed, nowhere else.
  • Join discussions.
  • Have fun!

These are the things you should NOT do at the Pokemon Universe Forums.
  • Flame. You are not allowed to flame or verbally harass any of the members.
  • Post anything offensive, this can be anything from posting goatse to directly attacking an user.
  • Spam. Please do not double-post or create multiple topics about the same subject! You are not allowed to spam through Private Messages either.
  • Advertise. You are not allowed to advertise other forums, websites and chats on the forums.
  • Necromancing. Please don't necro threads which have died long time ago, unless you got something good to add to the discussions and get life back in it.
  • Do anything illegal. You are not allowed to post; warez, NOCD patches, cracks or bittorrent links on the forums. Child porn is prohibited and will be reported to the authorities.
  • Fight. We don't want you guys to bring your fights to our forums, be it something which happened on another forum or in real life.
  • Spoil. No one likes when their favorite movie or anime is spoiled so please warn that your post got spoilers.
  • Ripping. Don't steal people's work, its theirs and you have no rights to claim it as your own.
  • Make multiple accounts. Seriously, you only need one and will never ever need more than one.
  • Ban evade. If you have been banned from the forums just suck it up and wait for the unban.
  • Do anything which might break and/or violate European laws.
  • Talk about warnings or infractions in the forum, you should only talk about between the Moderator who gave you the warning/infraction.

IRC Rules
  • No posting advertisements to other chats, we don't wanna visit your fucking chat so don't bother us about it, nor will we bother you. You can post it if an Operator says yes.
  • No posting links to other websites unless it's just for humor, images...etc does not count as those tends to be funny anyway, at least sometimes.
  • You are not allowed to be a complete dickwad towards the other members or towards any of the staff members of Pokemon Universe.
  • Do not try to ban evade, we know it's you, if you try to evade your ban then you will be reported to the Rizon IRC Ops and might face a server-wide ban from Rizon.
  • Please refrain from posting what you are listening to, unless it's something completely awesome, not everyone really cares what you are listening too, well, someone might do it but not all of us.
  • No attention whoring or drama in the channel! Please keep this in queries or something like that.
  • Don't share warez links in the IRC channel, if you want to do this then do so in the queries instead.
  • Don't engage in holy wars of any kind. For instance, "vi vs emacs" or "java vs python" or "windows vs linux", or "democrats vs libertarians" or "chocolate vs peanut butter".

Administrative Actions
This is what happens if you are found breaking our rules!
  • You will first be warned if there is only a minor issue, it's just to tell you "Oopsie, you did something wrong, please don't do it again.
  • If it keeps on you will end up with Infractions and Warning Points, these are a bit worse and that means you are in the danger zone and you should start behaving.
  • If you still keep on acting like a smartass you will be temp banned from the forums, this means you will not be able to post on the forums until the temp ban is over.
  • Next time there are no warnings, you will just get infractions if you keep on after getting unbanned, if that doesn't help you will end up with a permanent ban! That means you will not be able to come back to the forums, however, if the admin/mod who bans you is in a good mood you might just end up with another temp ban.
  • If you try to evade a temp ban it will be upgraded to a permanent ban. If you try to evade an already permanent ban we will up it up to a complete IP ban, if you keep on after that we will report you to your ISP for harassment and abuse.
  • If you spam or act like an ass in the IRC channel you will be warned the first time, continue and you get kicked, the next kick will include a 2 minute ban, and if it continues after that you will be thrown out with a 2 hour ban, continue after that and you're fucked because we will permanently ban you from our IRC channel.
IRC: #pokemon-universe @ Rizon.net


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